Takeshi's Travel Diary

created by Takeshi Takahashi
  1. Australia
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  3. Egypt
  4. Finland
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Japan
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Hi there !

This page is created by Takeshi hoping to help your pleasant travels. I love travelling all over the world since it gives me plenty of fascinating discoveries.
Each place has its own goodness.
Although the sightseeing itself is very fascinating, the best of travelling is, without saying, the communication with the locals.
You'll definitely get new insights of your life from them.

The following links will lead you to the brief overview of the travel to the country. However, the pictures doesn't tell enough about the wonderfulness of the country. Only the way to know it is just going to the country and exposing yourself to the local people !






Hong Kong










As you know, Japanese are very famous for world travellers, and they are usually addicted by cameras. Yes, I am Japanese, and I am also very fond of taking pictures. However, after my experiences living in Finland, I realized that taking picture itself is not very important part of my travel. More than that, knowing the people and the culture of the locals is more fascinating and indispensable.

On the other hand, due to the lack of language skills, pictures are sometimes one of the most efficient ways to communicate with locals. And pictures are very important to remind me the good memory of the people there. Without the memory of the locals, there aren't any meaning of taking pictures.

What I would like to suggest here is to communicate with locals whenever you get into new cultures. See the culture instead of scenery. Know the people instead of sightseeing spots. Good luck for your travel !

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